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Our Mission

Bringing the Best Together Agents of America is committed to selecting and delivering the highest value news, education, products, information and services to its members.

What is AOA
AOA is an association dedicated to the personal and professional growth, stability and management of its agent members and their agencies. AOA is the nation’s number one resource for connecting agents with other agents, industry professionals, highly relevant news, and agency revenue building products, services, opportunities and continuing education.

Why Join AOA
It’s more important now than ever before that agents take firm grasps on their business guiding it through these economically troubling times. The agent of tomorrow will be conducting business differently than those of today. The key to their success is understanding what is important to them and protecting and enhancing their three most important assets: agency reputation, client base, and staff. AgentsofAmerica.Org [1] provides practical answers and solutions to help insurance agents and agencies deal with today’s issues paving the way for long term growth and success.

AOA Member Benefits
In addition to our newsletter, E&O Prevention, Strategies for the Professional Agent delivered right to your desk top. Our readers receive strategies that provide useful and practical information on E&O Avoidance including other topics of interest written by insurance and legal experts dealing with issues that agents face every day with practical solutions and suggestions

Risk Management & Loss Prevention – In each issue, AOA publishes a number of Featured Articles about everyday situations that affect agents in our ever-changing world. These timely articles will be written by our extensive network of prominent lawyers and insurance experts skilled in insurance matters. In addition, we will provide you with useful and practical information on E&O Avoidance including practical tips on Technology, HR Compliance, Employment Practice and Loss Prevention and many more!

Agency Management Techniques – AgentsofAmerica.ORG [1] has partnered with Industry Experts who through a unique combination of experience intellect and creativity, provide practical solutions to agency issues. Learn how to hire the best, and provide them with the necessary tools that teach them on how to sell? Train your staff to be effective communicators. Make clients understand what insurance they need and sell more insurance through effective communication.

Ask the Expert – Members are invited to submit questions to our panel of Experts. AgentsofAmerica.ORG [1] can therefore identify things agents need to know and spread the information. Learn what other agents are doing through our web based blog, bulletin board and insurance surveys that allow agents to talk with and learn from each other.

Continuing Education – Required by State Law. We have available for sale a web based CE approved Program in all states. http://www.webce.com/aoa/ [2]

Why join AgentsofAmerica.ORG [1]?
AgentsofAmerica.ORG [1] provides the most comprehensive and centralized medium for you to gain the knowledge necessary to succeed. Through our comprehensive website, you will have easy access to mission critical elements for running your business and selling your services. You will be in a much better position for success, enabling you to:

• Set Higher Level of Professional Standards
• Set Your Own Course
• Enhance Your Learning Potential
• Take Full Responsibility for Your Actions
• Lead a Life that shows your passion and conviction to succeed as well as your compassion and sensitivity to other people`s needs
• Gain knowledge that leads to success

Gain knowledge that leads to success.
Responsibility for your actions,
Lead a Life that shows your Passion and Conviction to Succeed