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Telecommuting as a Reasonable Accommodation: A Remote Possibility?

By Dean Rocco, Esq. of Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP     A “REASONABLE” ACCOMMODATION In recent years, many employers have shied away from telecommuting programs and arrangements, believing employees cannot perform their jobs as effectively from home or...
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Ten Tips to Prepare for a Deposition

Kathleen M. Bonczyk, JD  Chances are that at some point in an agent’s career, he or she will be deposed – if not once, several times.    A deposition can be stressful and intimidating. It...
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Termination Policies

 By Aaron Peterson, Editor Agents Advantage     An employer should have a clear procedure to be followed by their staff when an employee resigns, retires, is laid-off or terminated. The procedure may include...
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Terrorism: Criminals Choose the Hack Attack

By Scott Sweeney, Esq. and Ian A. Stewart. Esq. of Wilson Elser et al   In what appears to be yet another brazen demonstration of capability following an earlier hijack of government social media...
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