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Quit Being A Salesperson

Many sales are lost because of “sales.” To be successful in this profession requires listening to the customer. Unfortunately as salespeople, we often hear so many different things that we feel the need to...
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10 Tips to Improve Your Negotiations

 Always make sure you know what the other party is really looking for. Don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked by the other party. Keep the conversation on the issues being negotiated. Seek to find...
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Selling with Your Personality

  Everyone can sell a policy if the premium is cheap enough or if what is being sold is something people can’t live without.  However, for the vast majority of us, neither of these...
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Learn, Teach, Sell Yourself to More Sales

This article is an excerpt from one of the many sales training programs dealing with consultative selling delivered by Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter. Every sales call you make needs to include the “Learn,...
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Negotiating the Don'ts Unless You Want to Lose

Don’t give variables without receiving concessions back. Don’t create precedents.  Think of the long term. Don’t negotiate on areas over which you have no control. Don’t rush or panic. Don’t deadlock. Don’t stop thinking...
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Negotiating the Do's to Win

Negotiation is the process of discussing ways to find a bigger solution for both sides. Aim high. Understand who has the power and how you’ll counter it. Negotiate with people who are able to...
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