A Comprehensive Approach to Generating Quality Insurance Leads for Your Business

By Donald J. Dzubak of Parasol Financial & Insurance Solutions

If you’ve been attempting to boost the quality of insurance leads coming in, but you find you’re coming up short, then it may be time to reassess your marketing strategy. If you are indeed in this category, then consider evaluating what you’re currently doing and what’s working and what’s not working to make changes and updates as needed.
It could also be that you’ve been too laser focused on one type or way of marketing. For an optimal marketing strategy, you want to look at an approach that encompasses some online and offline tactics, as well as ensuring you have the soft skills required and necessary to connect with and convert leads easily and quickly.

Online Marketing Tips


For Online Marketing to generate insurance leads, you want to have a website and other landing pages throughout the web, including a blog. You also want to be involved in the appropriate social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.) for your business, not to mention getting listed in online directories and posting to high ranking sites relative to your industry. When marketing for insurance leads on the web, be sure you’re focused on:
·      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Keyword Strategies.
·      Engagement throughout the web.
·      Creating quality content that readers will appreciate and want to read (as well as referral others to).

Offline Marketing Tips


For Offline Marketing to work effectively to generate insurance leads, you want to be involved in networking groups and events, community events, industry events and training, etc. It’s also a great idea to work on getting published in industry hard copy circulars, or even write a book for publication. Nothing boosts expert status and insurance leads like being able to say you’re an author.
When marketing your insurance business offline, it’s good to focus on the following:
·      Searching for opportunities to be a presenter as much as possible for different events.
·      Handing out business cards and marketing materials.
·      Being clear about what you have to offer in a 30 second ‘elevator speech’ when someone asks you what it is you specialize in, and you want it to be specific.

Don’t Forget About the ‘Soft’ Skills


You could have the best marketing tools and skills in the world to help you market your business, but if you can’t connect with leads, then you won’t be able to convert them. This is why it’s important to remember some of the ‘soft’ traits that help boost insurance lead conversions, including:
·      Don’t compare yourself to the competition, but instead focus on your business and what you have to offer (competitive research to see how leads respond to the competition is OK, but focus on how your business will have top results, as it could be different than your competitions).
·      Be relatable and find common ground to connect with leads.
·      Make it about the insurance lead and not about you or your business, so in other words, don’t overly promote, but instead, show how what you have to offer can be of benefit to meet the insurance lead’s needs.
·      Always be professional.
·      Focus on your positive traits and skill sets, as this is what will get you through the tough days.
·      Keep the attitude in check.
·      Don’t take ‘no’ personally.
When marketing to generate insurance leads, you want to have the right combination of online and offline marketing tools, coupled with the right ‘soft’ skills, to bring in the quality leads your business thrives on. To add to and elaborate on the list of marketing tools and skills provided here, check out 101 Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents (add hyperlink).
At ParasolLeads, our primary goal is to meet the needs of insurance agents by partnering and helping them land high quality insurance leads. To find out more about using a comprehensive marketing program for your business, check out 101 Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents , (http://www.parasolleads.net/101MarketingIdeas-AOA) or give us a calltoday!  Contact Donald J. Dzubak, Vice President Sales and Marketing – www.ParasolLeads.comdon@parasolleads.com or 1-651-730-6619.




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