Name and Address Changes for Insurance Licensing?

By Barbara Donnar, CEO of Supportive Insurance Services

So you’ve gone through the process of obtaining insurance licensing in multiple non-resident states. It took a while, but you now have all the licenses you need. You have appointments with your carriers and you’re all set to begin writing business. Nothing else needs to be done, right?
Most agents and adjusters don’t understand that the process is just beginning. The insurance licensing process isn’t over just because the insurance licenses have been issued. The licenses will need to be renewed every two or three years by submitting a renewal application and paying the renewal fee. 
In addition, if you have a change of address for either a home or business address, every state in which you hold insurance licensing will need to be notified of the new address. Address changes for agents can be completed via NIPR’s Address Change Request system.
The process becomes more difficult for insurance adjusters. If your home state issues adjuster licenses you can submit address changes via NIPR’s Address Change Request system. However, if you are an insurance adjuster and have a designated home state (DHS), you have to change addresses with each state insurance department individually. Some states use State Based Systems (SBS) for insurance licensing demographic changes, others have a system to submit changes via the state website. The remaining states require a paper form to be completed and submitted to the insurance licensing department.
Name changes are another situation that requires notification to each state. If you have a name change, check with the state insurance licensing department in every state in which you hold a license to determine the procedure necessary to change your name. In some states, name changes can be sent electronically. In others, you will need to download a form to be completed and sent to the state insurance licensing department. Several states simply require a letter notifying them of the name change.
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