E&O Tip on “Agency Procedural Manual – Use It or Lose It”

One of the goals of virtually any organization is consistency: in other words, doing it right. A procedural manual can be and often is a great tool to accomplish that objective. For it to be effective, though, it is important that this document be updated as needed, with the changes effectively communicated to the staff. A person/committee should be responsible for this to ensure accountability. Do you have a manual, but are unsure whether it’s up to date or if the staff is really using it? You have two options: update it or throw it out! At the time of an E&O claim against your agency, this manual is subject to discovery by the plaintiff’s attorney. Having a procedural manual not being adhered to by everyone will not bode well for you in the courtroom. For assistance in developing a manual, contact your state agent’s association.

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