E&O Tip on “Using Temps to Handle a Vacant Position? There’s Something You Need to Know”

Using Temps to Handle a Vacant Position? There’ Something You Need to Know…

Certainly from time to time, a position in your agency becomes vacant. Presuming this is for a short period, agencies often reach out to local staffing agencies to fill these posts. Most likely, a temporary worker is technically not considered an employee as you are paying the temp agency directly. In addition, because insurance agencies are especially known for “giving back to the community,” hiring high school or college kids during the summer is all too common. Are they considered an employee? Well, in both of these situations there is certainly the possibility that these persons could cause an error. If they do, are you positive that your E&O provides coverage? If only employees are covered, this could be a sticky situation. Check the “Who is an Insured?” definition of your E&O policy to be certain. For Utica customers, there’s no need to check as leased/temp staff are automatically covered.


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