E&O Tip on “What does Your Promotional Material Really Say about You”

There is no doubt you want to aggressively and effectively promote your agency. After all, it’s a competitive marketplace out there! Remember, though, that how you promote your agency could come into play at the time of an E&O claim. For example, you might state “We are the experts” or “We make sure you are properly covered.” Those are two statements that could come back to bite you as that is the standard that you have now created for your agency. At the time of an E&O claim, all of your promotional material –printed materials, Yellow Pages advertising, Web site, phone recording that plays when customers call and are put on hold, etc. – is subject to discovery by the plaintiff. They will contend they relied on that material and that is why they selected your agency for their insurance needs. Take a few minutes to review how you are promoting your agency … and make sure your materials are accurate and truthful.

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