E&O Tips on “Educate Your Customers”

Before you entered the insurance business, how well did you understand your insurance coverage’s? Now you know how your customers probably feel. If you are not educating your customers on what’s covered, what’s not, what limitations there are, etc., now is a good time to start. Develop a newsletter (paper or electronic) and/or dedicate a section of your Web site to education. While it is probably not possible to cover every detail, it would be prudent to address the more salient issues and those that are more appropriate based on the time of the year. Encourage your customers to ask questions. On the everyday questions that I’m sure your customers are asking, develop a “frequently asked questions” approach. Look to your staff to be the contributing authors. They’re sure to take great pride in their assignment and make you proud, too. Be sure to have the newsletter proofed by management before it goes out. Education – a great way to show your agency’s professionalism and the value it provides.

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