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How to Destroy Your Reputation in 7 Easy Steps

‘Reputational Risk’ is often in the news, and we’ve seen many role models to show how to handle – or not – a business crisis. Arrogance, greed, secrecy and easy shortcuts seem to characterize financial...
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Conflicts of Interest Can Eat Your Lunch

Recently, a client had an expensive and disappointing experience.  Their Human Resources service provider suddenly had a problem with a difficult employee-related action my client felt obligated to take.  Apparently, the HR provider did...
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Contingency Plans = Survival!

The last Tip, “The ‘Oops’ Factor of Risk Management” introduced Contingency Planning as a business survival tool. I said these plans are simple but detailed.    How can you create effective plans that will produce...
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The “Oops” Factor of Risk Management

Contingency planning might be the most important element of risk management. Director magazine several years ago reported that 80% of firms that suffer a major setback to revenue do not survive – unless they have...
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