CHAPTER 1 Licensing
Dan B. Meyer – Meyer Law Group

CHAPTER 2 Soliciting of Insurance
Charles J. Cole – Owen, Gleaton, Egan, Jones & Sweeney

CHAPTER 3 – Marketing , Quoting and Proposal
Peter Biging – Goldberg Segalla LLP

CHAPTER 4  Special Consideration for Retail Broker/Wholesale Broker Placement
Merry Palmer – Griffin Underwriting Services

CHAPTER 5 Commissions & Additional Compensation
Michael C. Bruck – Williams Montgomery & John LTD

CHAPTER 6 Premiums
Robert Sargent – Tennant Risk Services

CHAPTER 7  Additional Insureds/Certificates of Insurance Endorsements
Louis Castoria – Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker

CHAPTER 8  Renewal
John Klinedinst – KLINEDINST PC

CHAPTER 9 Cancellation/Non Renewal/Rescission
Michael Morrison – Tressler LLP

CHAPTER 10 Binders
Joseph DeHope, Esq & Frances O’Meara, Esq. ,
Thompson, Coe & O’Meara LLP

CHAPTER 11 Insurer Denial of Insureds Claim
Alan Jampol – Jampol Zimet LLP

CHAPTER 12 – The Agency Principal Relationship between Insurance Agents & Insurer
Britton D. Weimer – Jones Satre & Weimer PLLC

CHAPTER 13 Insurer Insolvency
Blaine Grant – Hayden & Grant, PLLC
Matthew S. Marrone – Goldberg Segalla LLP

CHAPTER 14  Security & Privacy Technology
Lori Nugent – Greenberg Traurig, LLP

CHAPTER 15 Websites & Social Media Networking
Kevin A. Nelson – Huddleston Bolen LLP

CHAPTER 16 – Documentation The Key to E&O Risk Management
Darlene E. White – Gallagher Sharp Attorneys

CHAPTER 17 Going Paperless
Victoria Dearing – Regional Excess Underwriters, LLC

CHAPTER 18 Agency Automation
Victoria Dearing – Regional Excess Underwriters, LLC

CHAPTER 19 – When to Put Your E&O Insurer on Notice
Alton L. Stephens – Professional Liability Services inc.

CHAPTER 20 -Mitigating the Growing Risk and High Cost of Depression and Anxiety Disorders in the Workplace
Debbie Dutton-Lambert, MBA, PC, CRC
Daina Dennis, MBA, Ph.D

Editor in Chief
Dr. James W. Kallman

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Angelo J Gioia
Roy Little
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