AgentsofAmerica.ORG advertisers receive excellent and affordable exposure to the insurance community at large by advertising on our web site and in our bi-monthly publication. Each week, we publish “E&O Prevention”, Strategies For The Professional Agent, that includes at least  6 “Featured Articles”  that provide useful and practical information on E&O Avoidance including other topics of interest written by insurance and legal experts dealing with issues that agents face every day with practical solutions and suggestions.We target market in excess 125,000 Insurance Agencies across America and over 300 hundred Insurance Companies. In addition, all of our Insurance Partners will be duly noted and displayed on all of our publications. See below for complete details of our various partnerships and affiliations.

Ad Specs & Format

WEBSITE– Flash Banner Ads (180 x 150) will rotate on the site during your advertising term, with a minimum of four ads on the homepage and one or more ads on selected pages within the web site.

NEWSLETTERS– Static Banner Ads (180 x150) will be placed in our publication, “E&O Prevention” during your advertising term.

All advertisers are responsible for their own artwork design and content and must provide it in electronic format to AgentsofAmerica.ORG.

All Ads may be transmitted by email attachment to Contact Us.

The following are the specs for the Banner Ads that are part of this advertising offer, we will need each advertiser to create two different sizes of the same Banner Ad, so that they can be placed on both the www.agentsofamerica,org website as well as our newsletters.

180 x 150pixel graphic  (.jpg or flash format) for website.
180 x 150 pixel graphic (.jpg only) for newsletters.

AOA Advertisers Program*
Pricing – For Banner AD

To purchase advertising, simply fill out and complete the form below and hit the SUBMIT button. Your email will be forwarded to the AgentsofAmerica.ORG office and someone from the office will contact you to discuss your ad placement. All ads must be paid in full prior to posting on the web site. Your ad will begin to run the same month full payment is received unless you specify otherwise.

AOA Industry Leaders Program*
AgentsofAmerica.Org is interested in joining with industry leaders who offer unique products and services to insurance agents & brokers. Bringing mutually beneficial industry leaders together under the AOA umbrella creates a synergy unique in the industry. AOA combines the products, services a n d efforts of its Industry Leaders, expanding the reach of all, drawing the interest of a far broader audience, opening the door to opportunities that were previously beyond any one organization’s reach. AOA is a “how to” resource for agents and brokers. They will learn how to utilize and profit from your products and services through educational materials and articles provided by you and others.

To be considered for inclusion by AOA as an Industry Leader, your product or service must complement our current benefits and services. There must be direct benefits or discounts to AOA members.

In exchange for your space on the AOA website, you must regularly contribute to the AOA community by providing a variety of content on an ongoing basis. Content would include but not be limited to information about your organization, products and services, information or educational material relating to your area of expertise than can be used on the AOA website and tips, advice or articles that can be used in our weekly or monthly publications. Participation on the AOA “Meet The Experts” and “Blog” is also a requirement. Cost for participation as an AOA Industry Leader will vary depending upon the amount of information we post on our site and the number of Banner Ads you have. Although not required, you will also be invited to participate in seminars or webinars.

Anyone interested in participating in our Industry Leaders Program, please Contact Us and details of your product and services including the benefits to AOA members.

AOA Preferred Partners Program*
AgentsofAmerica.ORG is interested in partnering with third party providers, who offer unique products and services to Insurance Agents & Brokers. To be considered as a Preferred Partner, your product or service would have to complement our current benefits and services. In exchange for the space you occupy on the AOA website, you will be required to regularly contribute to the AOA community by providing a variety of content on an ongoing basis, including quarterly articles, and monthly tips on topical issues as its Insurance Agents & Brokers. Anyone interested in participating in our Preferred Partners Program, please send an email with the details of your product and services including the proposed benefits to AOA members. Please Contact Us.

If accepted as a Preferred Partner, there is a onetime $1000.00 set up fee to have your information included on the site, Preferred Partners interested in placing a Banner AD can receive a 50% discount to the terms noted in AOA Advertisers Program.

AOA Affiliate Partners Program*
AgentsofAmerica.ORG will allow third parties the opportunity to use, forward or display our weekly “Featured Article” and/or our monthly publication “E&O Prevention” to their clients or on their website, as long the proper attributions are made to AgentsofAmerica.Org and their authors. In addition, you agree to display our logo/link on your website. The logo must be displayed your site (Home Page) and then be linked to website. If interested, please Contact Us with your website address and your intentions on using the material.

*DISCLAIMER : The organization reserves the right to reject proposed advertising for any reason, including any request to use our material or information as described under our Affiliate Partner Program, Preferred Partner Program or our Industry Leader Program. Advertising that simulates or imitates the format of editorial material of AgentsofAmerica.ORG will not be accepted. Advertising is subject to editing due to space limitations. Advertising copy and format will be agreed upon with advertiser before payment is processed. AgentsofAmerica.ORG has no liability regarding products being sold or services being offered.

INDEMNIFICATION: In addition, all third party providers, hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Agents of America.ORG , its officers, directors, employees, shareholders, and corporate parents and subsidiaries (collectively “Indemnitees”) of and from any judgment, settlement, costs, attorneys’ fees, expenses or any other financial expenditure of any type whatsoever arising in any way from the placement of any advertisement, message or writing created by Indemnitor upon any website, publication, seminar advertisement, seminar handout or any other publication of any type sponsored, owned, or published by Indemnitee. Indemnitor further agrees to assume the defense of Indemnitee and fully indemnify Indemnitee from any expense whatever in any lawsuit including Indemnitee arising from any advertisement, message or writing created by Indemnitor placed upon any website, publication, seminar advertisement, or seminar handout or any other publication of any type sponsored, owned or published by Indemnitee.

    If you have any questions, please call 702-560-7766