NonCompetion Agreements – Separating Fact From Fiction

  Employers are increasingly asking their employees to sign non-competition and non-solicitation agreements in an attempt to prevent the loss of customers and business when an employment relati

New York Attorney General Files Suit Against

In July 2009, New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo commenced a special proceeding against several New York State collections law firms in a matter that will be decided by a New York State Supr

Networking is a “Con” Game

Networking is nothing more than a “con” game.  Have you ever been contacted by some swindler offering you money if you would help out a long, lost relative located in a remote country?

Negotiating the Don'ts Unless You Want to Lose

Don’t give variables without receiving concessions back. Don’t create precedents.  Think of the long term. Don’t negotiate on areas

Negotiating the Do's to Win

Negotiation is the process of discussing ways to find a bigger solution for both sides. Aim high. Understand who has the power and how you’ll counter it. Negotiate with

New Year's Resolutions

Every New Year many of us resolve to make changes in our lives, to set new and important goals. We're inspired by that annual turn of the calendar to wipe the slate clean and to write new scenarios f

New Pre-Employment test helps you Hire the Best "Blue Colloar" Employees

Oct 22, 2008, 14:47 Question = Do you want to hire productive and dependable people for your company’s “Blue-Collar” jobs?   Note:  â€Å

NY case reaffirms defenses in Accountants Malpractice cases involving misconduct by client’s manag

New York case reaffirms defenses in Accountants Malpractice cases involving misconduct by client’s management   In Bullmore v. Ernst & Young Cayman Islands (EYCI), a New Yo

New York case reaffirms defenses in accountant malpractice cases involving misconduct by client’s

In Bullmore v. Ernst & Young Cayman Islands, a New York County Supreme Court justice held that a malpractice claim asserted against the auditor of a failed hedge fund was barred by the fraudulent cond

New York State Court of Appeals finds extra contractual damages against insurers

On February 19, 2008, the New York State Court of Appeals rendered two decisions, both by a 5-2 split, which alter the previous landscape that protected insurers from what were previously termed â

New Jersey Supreme Court warns insurers against seeking declaratory relief while defending the polic

Citing New Jersey’s interest in remediating contaminated sites within its borders, the New Jersey Supreme Court has held that a later-filed New Jersey coverage suit takes precedence o

N.Y. Court of Appeals allows consequential damages for breach of business-interruption policy

Can a policyholder under a business interruption policy, whose business collapses because of an insurer’s failure to timely pay covered business interruption losses, recover “consequentia

No Coverage Under E&O Policy For Breach of Agency Agreement

When reviewing allegations of wrongdoing in comparison to the terms of an errors and omission liability policy, there is always a question as to whether the alleged wrongful act was related to the exe

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