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Attempt to Unmask Online Reviewer Denied

By Jason C. Gavejian, Esq. of Jackson Lewis P.C. You’ve spent extensive time and effort, not to mention money, establishing your company’s reputation only to have the company defamed or disparaged anonymously online. This...
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Taking Steps To Maintain Client Confidences

By Randy (J. Randolph) Evans, Esq., Shari L. Klevens, Esq. and Alanna Clair, Esq. of Dentons Attorneys learn client confidences as part of the attorney-client relationship. Attorneys who fail to safeguard such information do...
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Tax Law Changes and Mid-Year Tax Planning for 2013

Midyear tax planning is important to ensure you are not left with a large tax burden when filing your 2013 tax returns.  There are significant tax law changes that may affect you as a result of the roll-out of...
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