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Local Advertising

Local customers are the lifeblood of the vast most small and medium businesses. For most small businesses, there is no other type of customer and reaching out to them is the key to success....
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Dark Side of the Internet

  There are big differences in scope, kind and flexibility of breach response services between available cyber coverages, so many options are available for clients to consider.   
Sometimes in the aftermath of a...
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An Addendum to to Case Management & E Discovery

BEST PRACTICES Last month, we published the first of two articles written by Ronald J. Hedges dealing with “electronically stored information” (see,  Mr. Hedges suggested that active case management (by judges and attorneys)...
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Advertising Your Business Online, Part 1

So, here we are in this 6th installment, we’re half way through and now you’ve got your website up and running, it’s got a great design, it’s optimized for search engines, and it has...
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