By Dr. Michael Mercer 
Some employees are so lazy . . . even if they have a work-from-home job, they still get to work late.
Some employees are so stupid . . . when they find out they can apply for other jobs online, they ask, “Where does the line start?”
Some employees are so mean . . . they would make monks curse.
Some employees are such criminals . . . they ask you to call them by their nickname – which is two letters – “JL.”
Some employees are so crazy . . . even their imaginary friends won’t play with them.
Some employees are so unhealthy . . . when they go to a club they order gravy-on-the-rocks.
Some employees are so cheap . . . they chase garbage trucks with their shopping lists.
The Motivational Quotes and Joke-of-the-Month are reprinted with permission from “Dr. Michael Mercer’s Management Newsletter.” Dr. Mercer is AoA’s “Hiring Expert.” He is a nationally known expert on (a) pre-employment tests and (b) hiring high-achievers. Subscribe – at no cost – to his management newsletter at Find out how you can use his Forecaster™ pre-employment tests at your company – [note: AoA members get a discount] – by clicking here

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