July 12, 2010

AgentsofAmerica.ORG Gives Agents More Tools for Increasing Business: Introducing “Teach & Reach” Program
AoA is proud to share numerous new tools to help insurance agents grow their business. These tools take into account 2010’s unique challenges (the economy) and opportunities (inexpensive online ways to reach more customers). 
Alden, IL (PRWEB) July 12, 2010
AgentsofAmerica.ORG (AoA) is proud to share numerous new tools to help insurance agents grow their business. These tools take into account 2010’s unique challenges (the economy) and opportunities (inexpensive online ways to reach more customers).
“There are now many effective ways to engage the people most interested in buying insurance, and provide the information they need. In addition, we can reach a much larger audience for far less money than traditional promotional activities,” explains Angelo J. Gioia, Executive Director of AgentsofAmerica.ORG. “Imagine connecting with more qualified leads, rather than spending endless hours making cold calls.”
The broad program developed by AgentsofAmerica will enable agents to easily use electronic tools to reach out to more customers. In fact, now it’s very likely for customers follow agents, in addition to the usual method of agents trying to connect with customers. No other organization provides such a comprehensive program to help agents use time more efficiently. Program elements include:
·     Access to Social Media Expertise: What is social media and how is it used to grow a business? AoA has partnered with Social Media Strategist Cynthia Cavoto of Marketing That Works for You to provide agents with expertise and consistency for using FaceBook,Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging to reach and engage target audiences.
·     Webinars and Education: Starting in September, AoA will provide agents with a series of educational webinars on using the latest electronic tools to engage with more people. Topics will include how to grow and manage email lists.
·     E-Newsletters: Monthly e-newletters are available to all agents (sign-up at AoA Contact Us page). These have useful tools and tips, and agents can send them to their email contacts as if they are from the agent.
·     E-Books: Chapter 11 of the AoA e-book, "The Contemporary Supervisor's Guide to Managing Employees", By Kathleen M. Bonczyk, Esq. of Long Marmero & Associates, LLP, a widely-read and growing resource of tips for operating an insurance business, will be available to download on July 29th. Chapters 1-10 are currently at http://agentsofamerica.org/aoaebooks.php .
·     Articles, Tools and Tips: The AoA library has many resources for agents to provide relevant information to customers. The Article Library, for example, has an easy search function for finding articles.
AoA is committed to educating agents in various ways to help facilitate each agent’s growth and success. Angelo Gioia is enthusiastic about the many possibilities, “If you embrace these tools and follow tips on using them, in a year from now you’ll have a noticeably larger prospect base.”
Stay tuned for more information on AoA’s Teach & Reach program.
About Marketing That Works For You
Marketing That Works for You (MTWFY) specializes in using the internet – specifically powerful social media tools such as FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging - to help small companies grow their business. By partnering with clients, MTWFY strategizes and implements a customized, effective and cost-efficient social media program for each company. Visit www.mymarketingthatworksforyou.com or twitter.com/CynthiaCavoto or call 203.414.5509.
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AgentsofAmerica.ORG is an Insurance Agent's Association and indispensable resource for news, products, services, education, and industry information throughout America. The organization's mission is to deliver the BEST people, products, information, and services to agents all designed to help them manage and grow their business and provide ongoing value to their clients. Our motto is "Bringing the BEST Together". AgentsofAmerica.ORG is offering a FREE MEMBERSHIP and FREE EBOOK to anyone interested in learning about the valuable benefits the new organization offers. All members are eligible for additional discounts and access to an extensive array of other membership programs. Visit www.AgentsofAmerica.org for more information.
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