The Insurance & Reinsurance Report: Year in Review — Why We Thinks It’s the Best Legal News Blog of 2018

Goldberg SegallaaEUR(TM)s Insurance and Reinsurance Report is in the running for The Expert InstituteaEUR(TM)s Best Legal News Blog of 2018. Fans and readers of the Report and others who stay abreast of developments in the legal blogosphere are invited to vote for the best legal news blog through the following link:
The Insurance & Reinsurance Report
Honored to be in the running and by the support weaEUR(TM)ve seen thus far, we took this opportunity to reflect on some of the Insurance and Reinsurance ReportaEUR(TM)s most notable accomplishments of 2018. All of our past blogs are available here for you to review, share, and discuss aEUR" and donaEUR(TM)t hesitate to reach out to our writers, all experienced attorneys from Goldberg SegallaaEUR(TM)s Global Insurance Services group, based in offices across the country. And, if you appreciate the blog, please consider voting for us in the Expert InstituteaEUR(TM)s annual contest. We are proud of what we have done in 2018 and look forward to delivering more great legal news in the Insurance and Reinsurance Report in 2019. Thank you again for your readership and support. From all of us at the Insurance and Reinsurance Report aEUR" happy holidays, and best wishes for the New Year!  

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