Topics and Categories for Articles

Below is a list of general categories that our current articles fall into. This may help you to identify topics for articles that your firm already has developed, has posted on your firm web site, and/or give you ideas for fresh articles for our web site. This list is only a guideline, so feel free to add any other topics of interest for insurance agents.

Insurance Coverage & Advice to Clients
Employment Practice Liability
Errors & Omissions for Insurance Agents
Marketing for Insurance Agents
Technology for Insurance Agents
Agency Management
Employee Management
Risk Management
Regulatory & Compliance
Insurance Issues & Events


Suggested Topics for Legal or Broker Articles

  1. How do you know if a job applicant is a legal resident?
  2. What is the Federal Violent Crime Control and Enforcement Act?
  3. How should you run background checks and comply with the Violent Crime Control and Enforcement Act?
  4. What is the right way to fire? What type of documentation, warnings and probation should you have?
  5. How do you write an enforceable non-compete?
  6. How do you break a non-compete?
  7. What you should tell your staff to say on the telephone.
  8. How do you document requests for coverage?
  9. How do you document an uncooperative client?
  10. When should you and how do you tell a client to go somewhere else?
  11. How do you complain to an insurance company about poor service to an insured?
  12. When and how should you complain to your insurance commissioner about an insurance company’s poor service to an insured?
  13. What do you tell a client about a company with a poor, or no, AM Best rating?
  14. What should you do if an insurance company you represent goes insolvent?
  15. What should you do if an insurer is seized by the state?
  16. What should you do if a client you represent goes bankrupt and owes you premium(s)? How can you cancel and avoid an errors & omissions claim if they have an uninsured loss?
  17. Should you bind coverage without money if the policy is about to expire? How do you balance the risk of an uncollected premium versus the risk of an E&O claim for failure to place insurance?
  18. What should you do if you think your client is lying on their application?
  19. What duty do you have and how should you verify property values?
  20. How do you explain the importance of accurate property values to clients? How should the values be measured? These questions may apply to real or chattel property.
  21. How do you handle personal lines insurance in a divorce? Note how family relationships and residency affect coverage.
  22. How do you read a condominium document to know how much responsibility you have for “common areas”, how should this be addressed by insurance?
  23. Building codes are becoming stricter in some areas. This increases the cost of rebuilding. How do you keep up with these changes and estimate their monetary affect?
  24. What about the Americans with Disabilities Act? How do you know if it applies to your commercial insured?
  25. Are go-karts, atv’s and other motorized vehicles possible to insure for drivers too young to be licensed?
  26. How do you let your clients know their homeowners and auto policies do not cover underage drivers and most off road vehicles for anyone? Do you have a duty to point out this common but yet little known (or cared about) exclusion?
  27. How do you deal with domestic help insurance issues? Maids, baby sitters, gardeners or handymen?
  28. Should you take the optional insurance coverage when renting a car? Does it make a difference if you are on business or pleasure? How does your personal auto policy respond to car rentals?
  29. When is a “replacement vehicle” not a “replacement vehicle”? For example recreational vehicles, trucks, jet skis, snowmobiles, bobcats, shredders, ditch witches. What do you do if you are going to rent one of these?
  30. What exclusions should you emphasize?
  31. Should you always offer flood coverage and have applicants sign a statement that it was offered?
  32. When a client says their real estate agent tells them they do not need flood coverage, how do you convince them this is only for the mortgage? And if the house washes away, they are still responsible for the mortgage, and there will be no insurance?
  33. What duties can only be performed by a licensed agent?
  34. Are there any practical differences between insurance agents and brokers?
  35. When a client asks for a policy interpretation, what should you do?
  36. Can you do anything to protect yourself from someone altering a certificate of insurance you gave them? That is, once they change dates or coverage amounts or certificate holders, how do you prove you did not know about these changes?
  37. Are there notes or comments that should be added to Accord certificates of insurance to further clarify coverage provided?
  38. Is an insurance agency responsible for sending out the agency’s privacy notice, or are privacy notices from the carriers sufficient?
  39. Sample wording for agency privacy notices.
  40. Do’s and Don’ts in agency advertising.
  41. How do you deal with clients that may have Alzheimer’s disease or in general just cannot seem to understand?
  42. What not to do at the next office party?
  43. How long should you keep your records?
  44. How to pick the right Wholesaler?
  45. What information to tell your Lawyer when you have a Claim?
  46. What you can say and cannot say in an interview.
  47. Should you always offer D&O and EPL coverage and have applicants sign a statement that it was offered?