Understanding The Common Causes of Insurance Agents E&O Claims

By Angelo J. Gioia AgentsofAmerica.ORG Claims made against insurance agents can derive from many sources, these include quoting and proposing coverage, incomplete and inaccurate applications, writt

A Few Things – Every Insurance Agent Need to Know?

By Angelo J. Gioia, AgentsofAmerica.ORG The key to an agency success and “Avoiding E&O Claims” is understanding what is important to you and more importantly understanding on how to

E&O Tip – A Few Tips To Consider When Working With Your Insurance Wholesaler

It is extremely important as a retail agent that you take your time when looking for the right Wholesaler. Picking the right partner can not only save you time and make you money but if you understand

E&O – Education The Key To Avoiding E&O Claims?

Upon returning back from to his room, your client calls you in a heightened state of anxiety to advise you that they are on vacation, he discovers that the diamond in his wife’s ring appears to

E&O – How Often Are You “Touching” Your Clients? Are You Waiting For Them To Call You?

In most states, the legal standard of an insurance agent has been characterized as essentially that of an “order taker”. Generally, an insured must make a specific request for a parti

E&O Tip – How Enhancing Your File Documentation Can Make Your Customer More Accountable

For years, E&O seminars have heavily focused on the issue of documentation. This is primarily due to the premise that the quality and depth of file documentation is a major factor in determining w

E&O Tip – The Need to Educate the Customer When Moving Them From a Claims-Made to an Occurrence Form

While it may not happen often, from time to time, you may look to move your account from a claims made form to an occurrence form. There are some key issues for agents to be aware of that if not handl

E&O Tip – Customer Accountability – A Great E&O Goal!

“Why is it always our fault when a customer has a loss that is not covered? They knew that they didn’t have that coverage”. It seems that in virtually every conversation that I h

E&O Tip – Consider Having Each Of The Staff Do A Mini Self Audit

Most E&O classes speak to the value and benefit of agency management performing a periodic audit, either monthly or quarterly. The goal is to verify that the staff is meeting the agency’

E&O Tip on “Do some of your watercraft customers know the benefits of a separate policy?”

Now that the warm weather has arrived, your agency will probably have customers looking to get their boats in the water. How are those “toys going to be insured? Even if the watercraft is eligib

E&O Tip on “Sales Skills and E&O Loss Prevention”

Some might consider it ironic...some may think it magical. But bottom line, there is actually a strong connection between solid sales skills and E&O loss prevention.   In my E&O classes,

E&O Tip on “What Enough Coverage”

Is $1,000,000 enough coverage? The issue of "the proper limit" is a common question asked by agents. Unfortunately, this is not an easy question to answer as there is no magical formula to d

E&O Tip on “The E&O Commitment of an agency is heavily determined by the commitment of their management”

A common phrase for management is that “the buck stops here”. While this is true on many issues, from an E&O perspective, “the buck” not only stops with management; it star

E&O Tip on “E-Mails could play a key role in an E&O claim”

 How long is your agency retaining e-mails?   In the event of an E&O action against your agency, with few, if any exceptions, you will be asked by the attorney defending your E&O c

E&O Tip on “Are you electronically delivering policies?”

This has certainly become much more common over the last couple of years - probably because of the gains, both financially and efficiency, that agents have been able to enjoy.   Typically, on

E&O Tip on “Have you looked lately how you are promoting yourself and your agency?”

In the past I have addressed this subject and encouraged agencies to review their promotional material to see how the agency is being positioned. The reason for this is that there is the possibil

E&O Tip – Sending a Cover Letter with the Policy: Is General Better than Specific?

In many (probably most) states, there is a standard/expectation imposed on the client requiring them to read their policy. If an E&O claim were to develop, based on the facts, this could actually

E&O Tip – Breaking News Story – Insurance Carriers Are Suing Their Agents!

No, this is not just a headline to get your attention. This is a reality for many agencies. Why does it happen? Could it happen in your shop? Certainly in the majority of these situatio

E&O Tip – Broker of Record letters A Potential E&O Issue?

While acquiring accounts via a BOR certainly occurs frequently in this business, it is important to realize they have the potential to result in an E&O headache if not managed properly. 

E&O Tip – Are you providing the coverage the customer asked for?

In most, if not all states, there are specific duties and standards that insurance agents will be held to. Essentially, absent a "special relationship", an insurance agent has a duty to exercise

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