E&O Tip – The Importance of Self Audits

Upon performing the review and the tabulation of the results, each employee reviewed should be provided feedback on how they did. It is realistic to expect that those employees may have some comments on their “score” or on the audit process in general. One of the important aspects of the audit is for the auditor / management to look for opportunities to “thank” / “congratulate” individuals that achieved / exceeded the desired results. Achieving a strong E&O culture / commitment does not just happen. It takes a strong effort and execution of each and every employee. For this reason, when the desired results have been accomplished or possibly even just when progress has been made, it is important to celebrate that success. Noting the total audit results publicly shows the entire staff that positive results have been achieved and they are appreciated. Also celebrating with food (pizza always works) seems to do the job. The goal is to encourage the continuation of positive behavior and effort.
Another means to show the staff the importance of achieving positive audit results is to factor the audit results into each employee’s evaluation. The objective is to reinforce that the audit process and the adherence to stated procedures is a serious issue. There is no doubt that the employees that are meeting the goals and expectations will be very appreciative of this.
Certainly there is the possibility that some employees may not be hitting the numbers / falling short of expectations. For those employees, their review should obviously be handled privately to allow for the dialogue and the development of an action plan to get the results back on track.
Thus to enhance and strengthen your E&O culture within your agency you should use self-audits as a medium to not only educate but to motivate your staff.  It shows that management takes this seriously and that they appreciate the solid contribution of the staff.
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