E&O Tip on “Do you have an E&O goal for 2014?”

As we are set to bring an end to another year, this is a good time to be making some personal and professional goals for 2014. So as you look at yourself in the mirror, how would you assess your current personal E&O commitment? In 2013, what progress did you make in this area? Was 2013 a good year?


2014 is a new year and a good time to recommit to a stronger E&O commitment. Possibly this involves your own personal commitment or maybe that of the agency (or company) you work for. There are a host of issues and opportunities that can strengthen your commitment including process (documentation / checking e-mails, etc.) or education (technical / sales / automation / customer service, etc.).


Possibly, you are the "E&O fanatic" in your agency and are known to be the one that lives and breathes E&O. If so, kudos and welcome to my world. If that is the case, is there an opportunity for you to be more vocal in promoting the benefits to your fellow team members? As each of the agency staff members grow in their E&O commitment, the agency grows. Would it be possible for you to serve as a mentor to some of the other agency folks? How about incorporating an E&O point in your agency staff meetings or bringing to management’s attention a procedure in the agency that has some significant E&O potential? Or it may involve a new initiative that the agency should look at that will help reduce the E&O exposure (such as account reviews, documenting back to the customer in writing various verbal conversations or possibly an education initiative that will help customers understand how their coverage will or will not respond in the event of a claim).


For the entire agency, consider having discussion with staff on what their personal E&O goal is going to be fore 2014. This can be done at the staff meeting level or in a one-on-one discussion.


Bottom line, look for 2014 to be a year of growth in your personal and corporate E&O commitment. The time dedicated to this will definitely be time well spent.

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