Managing an insurance agency on a daily basis is not only very demanding but it also requires a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise. It is vital that agents understand the various potential E&O exposures they face and how best to manage those exposures to minimize the potential of E&O litigation. Essentially this was the driving force behind the development and growth of Our primary goal and focus is to be a solid resource for those in the insurance industry through providing a wide range of practical educational programs in a variety of medias. It is our hope that this will enable agencies to increase their profitability, avoid errors and omissions, and achieve personal fulfillment and professional growth.

Through our partnership with a vast number of industry professionals that are among the top industry experts in the country, we commit to keeping our material current and practical in this ever-changing and litigious world we live in. See Bios in “Meet the Experts“. Given the scope of this project, it is our expectation that other professionals will want to join us. If you’re interested in being one of our Experts Click Here

We also look to provide you, our members, with a forum for creative exchange of ideas and concepts with our experts. We encourage your questions and suggestions for content.