Advertising Online & Generating New Business, Part 2

Target Marketing on the Internet

Targeting is the act of focusing your ads on certain groups and demographics in order to maximize your chances for success. Targeting is one of the single most important aspects of marketing and advertising because without it, a business will be blasting out its marketing messages at random.

Sure, some of the right people will be exposed to them, but every time those messages go out to the wrong eyes or wrong ears, itaEUR(TM)s money down the drain. Why bother identifying demographics to describe your ideal customers if you donaEUR(TM)t then look for ways to incorporate them into your campaigns as much as possible?

Fortunately, the web shines when it comes to targeting, and by learning to use the webaEUR(TM)s targeting power effectively, you can move your business into a world where it spends less money on marketing but brings in more sales.

Depending on the type of advertising youaEUR(TM)re using, the web allows you to target your efforts with laser like precision. For instance, advertisers who choose to use Facebook ads as a method of getting their message out will find themselves hit with a ridiculous amount of targeting options. At the time of writing this, those options include;

? location (down to city level),

? age range,

? exact birthday,

? gender,

? educational level,

? workplaces,

? relationship status,

? sexual orientation,

? languages,

? connections

? keywords

As you can see, this kind of targeting is an incredibly powerful tool. In the traditional world, if you are a Benefits Agent and if your ideal prospect is a male aged 25 to 35, who is married and has a college education, you could put your ads out there in the places where those types of people would be most likely to see them, but you could never really be 100% certain.

On the Internet, you can target your ad in such a way that you have near 100% certainty that the only people seeing it, and therefore the only people youaEUR(TM)re spending advertising dollars to reach, are exactly who youaEUR(TM)re trying to get through to.

The same goes for MGA businesses. LetaEUR(TM)s say you have a unique program that is for a specified group, i.e., restoration contractors, you could set up an ad campaign that reached this targeted group effectively thereby guiding them to your program.

Not all advertising platforms offer this kind of targeting bundled in one place, but almost across the board, internet advertising beats out offline advertising for targeting capability. Whether it be targeting your messages by geographical location, age range, business interests, or whatever else you can think of, on the Internet, there will be some way of reaching your target demographics very specifically and with a great deal of measurability.

Throughout the following chapters weaEUR(TM)ll make note of the targeting capabilities of each type of advertising medium that we discuss so that youaEUR(TM)ll have a better overall idea of which types of advertising offer the most accurate targeting.

Regardless of what type of online advertising your business goes with, itaEUR(TM)s essential that you take whatever targeting is available to you and use it to its full extent. There is simply no excuse not to. If your company is about to dive into online marketing and advertising, and you donaEUR(TM)t yet have a clear picture of your target demographics or ideal customer, youaEUR(TM)ll want to spend some time nailing those down first in order to be able to take full advantage of the power of targeted advertising on the internet.

LetaEUR(TM)s look at it from a different point of view, if you had the time and resources to personalize every sales pitch, every piece of marketing material, every new program or unique selling point, how would that affect your bottom line? If your prospects and customers told you, aEURoeI donaEUR(TM)t want that, but if you offer me this with these specific coverage extensions, IaEUR(TM)ll buy and refer you to three of my friends,aEUR? you would listen, right?

Onsite targeting enables you to customize your website, your content, your blogs, etc. to create the most welcoming, enticing destination for your visitors, ultimately engaging them more deeply in your site. With Internet Marketing you can easily offer the most relevant content to individual users based on real-time behaviors and predictive attributes (go back a few issues to Web Analytics).

The end results are the same ones you might see if you had the time and resources to speak directly with each and every customer: increased loyalty, engagement and revenue.

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