Referrals, The Lifeblood of a Successful Business

Develop relationships with people who are both influential and come in contact with a number of other people because they are the type who are most likely to generate contacts. However, when developing the relationship with them, remember that it is not all about you. Rather, itaEUR(TM)s all about how you can first help the other person. Create a aEURoereferral monthaEUR?. Take one month each year when you blitz everybody in your contact list, asking them first how you can help them succeed in their business, goals, etc., and then requesting referrals. A great approach in doing this is to ask for a detailed explanation of their job description and how you might be able to provide referrals to them. Of course, the key is following through and providing these people with leads. A great resource for referrals is small business owners. They are generally very sensitive as to how leads can impact a business. Remember, however, that referrals go both ways. Whenever you are meeting with a customer to update their information, be sure to ask them if they know of others in a similar situation to theirs. Naturally they will, so itaEUR(TM)s appropriate to infer that the prospect could benefit from your services in the same way. Seek out the ability to provide others with referrals who are not expecting them. When you meet somebody at a school meeting, or a neighborhood gathering provide people you meet in these types of non-business events with referrals. People who receive referrals from an event like this will automatically become sensitive to the person who gave them the referral. Become a person of influence, people who have the ability to influence become people others want to connect with and thus become very receptive to receiving and giving referrals. Thank you notes and other hand-written letters of expression are a great way to stay in contact with others and theyaEUR(TM)re a great tool that allows others know youaEUR(TM)re thinking of them. More importantly by taking the time to write people hand-written notes saying thanks will shape your own attitude and make yourself even more giving.

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